A guide to maintaining a healthier digestive system

A guide to maintaining a healthier digestive system

The good bacteria that lives in the human digestive system are beneficial to help the body fight many diseases. A healthy digestive system will help to maintain a healthy immune system, improved digestion, reduce brain fog and anxiety. A healthy human being will have 5 pounds of bacteria, that they have gathered through the environment and by consuming a healthy diet.

Consuming the right foods will either nourish your gut bacteria or harm them. To increase your gut bacteria consider eating more of the following foods;

Yogurt with live cultures

Kefir (a yogurt-like milk drink)

Aged Cheeses



Red wine



Fiber-rich foods

It is best to start consuming these foods in small quantities at the start since some people can experience some bloating and irregular bowel movements as a result of overconsumption. If consuming these foods is difficult, consider buying a probiotic with live cultures. However, there are no FDA approvals needed for the sale of probiotics, therefore it is best to do your research to find a probiotic that has undergone sufficient testing.

It is best to avoid the following foods, as they can weaken your digestive system;

Whole milk

Sugary beverages (soda and energy drinks)

Red meat

Artificial sweeteners

Artificial preservatives

It is also advisable to avoid taking antibiotics, as they kill all forms of bacteria in your digestive system. If you have to take a course of antibiotics, remember to follow it up with at least 3 weeks of probiotics rich foods.