What makeup should I take on a beach vacation?

What makeup should I take on a beach vacation?

If you have been planning a mini-vacation or a long summer break, you will want to look your best and still pack sensibly. Here some makeup essentials that you should carry on your beach holiday.

A good toilet kit – If you want to find your makeup in a hurry, keeping your makeup organized is key. Invest in a good quality makeup bag with compartments for different items.

Tinted moisturizer and blotting papers – If you are spending time at the beach you will need a natural foundation with sunscreen. Invest in a good quality tinted moisture and blot your skin with blotting papers to reduce shine.

Tinted powder – Hot, humid weather will make your face oilier. Look at packing a pressed tinted powder into your makeup bag, to reduce shine on your T-zone.

A bright lip color – A bright lip color is great for nights out on holiday and can double up as blush during the day. Invest in colors like red, bright pink or dark maroon and include a lip pencil to keep your lipstick in place.

Cleansing wipes – Cleansing wipes are great to clean your face and hands while on a hike or sightseeing. They can also be used to remove makeup when you don’t have access to water.

Waterproof eye makeup – If your vacation includes a lot of time in the pool or by the sea, look at packing a good quality waterproof mascara and eyeliner to ensure your eye makeup lasts.