What Type of Comb to Use for Your Hair Type?

Everyone wants to keep their locks healthy and tangle free and therefore tend to brush their hair. However, combs are a lot less used tool but one that will cause less damage and help to detangle tough knots with less breakage. Here is a list of the types of combs you should buy for your hair type.

For most hair types – All hair types will benefit from a wide tooth comb. If your hair tangles, gently combing it with a wide tooth comb when it is wet to make it easier to detangle your hair. If you have curly hair, a wide tooth comb will help to maintain the shape of your curls.

For fine hair – To add volume and get rid of tough tangles, look at a comb with thick teeth to lift locks. On the other hand, if you are looking for a comb to apply product evenly, look at teeth that are closer together.

For thick hair – For girls with thicker hair, you will need a comb that holds under pressure. To detangle thicker locks, consider letting your hair dry out after a shower and detangle when your hair is at least 80% dry.

For curly hair – Brushing curly hair can cause frizz. Look for a comb with a sturdy handle with multiple rows of teeth, which will help you work tough curls without causing damage.