Tips on Using Hot Rollers

Using Hot Rollers

Tips on Using Hot Rollers


Article Written by : The Jewelry Review

Although a curling iron is an essential hair curling tool, it’s not always possible to get the look you want. So how do you get beautiful curls without using a curling iron? The answer is hot rollers.

Hot rollers can be used to add volume to your hair, create a foundation for up-dos, and add soft curls. If you’re not familiar with how to use hot rollers, don’t worry. The professionals at one of the leading makeup schools in Florida can help. Cosmix Inc. offers the following tips on how to use hot rollers to get the look you want.

Build a solid foundation. Before you put on the hot rollers, it’s important to prepare your hair. First, brush and detangle your hair. Next, section your hair beginning at the front section. The secret is to create parts that match the diameter of the roller size.

Have patience. Most of us are used to curling irons that require no more than a few seconds to curl hair. But not hot rollers. They need more time. The key to great curls using hot rollers is to leave in the rollers long enough to work their magic. How long? Cosmix Inc. recommends leaving them in for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

Remember the details. A few finishing touches go a long way when using hot rollers. While you’re waiting for the rollers to curl the hair, spray your hair with flexible hold hairspray. When you remove the rollers, softly brush your hair using the right type of brush.

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