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How Much Jewelry is Too Much Jewelry?

Summary: Wearing one jewelry piece too many can make you stick out like a sore thumb. If you walk down the street and look at what people are wearing, you’ll probably see 8 out 10 people wearing some… Read More

Five useful styling tips for women under 5”4

Article Written by : A Fashionable Mind Petite sizing has now become popular as there are some women who are below 5”4 who require clothing that is narrower around the shoulders and shorter at the seams. Sizes in… Read More

Vintage Makeup Secrets

There was a time in generations previous that makeup was one of the few ways that women of any socio-economic level could play dress up and get away from it all with a fresh coat of lipstick, mascara,… Read More

Beginner’s guide to makeup

Written by Costbuys Cosmetic stores and online stores offer a wide range of cosmetics. However, for someone who is new to makeup, making a decision to buy online or in-store cosmetics can be confusing. Here is a beginner’s… Read More

6 tricks to make your hair look thicker

Everyone yearns for thicker tresses, but if you are not blessed with thick hair, here are 6 tricks to make your hair look thicker. Start in the shower – Start by cleaning and conditioning with body boosting formulas…. Read More

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