Five useful styling tips for women under 5”4

Five useful styling tips for women under 5”4

Article Written by : A Fashionable Mind

Petite sizing has now become popular as there are some women who are below 5”4 who require clothing that is narrower around the shoulders and shorter at the seams. Sizes in petite clothing range from 00 to 16 and therefore cover a wide range of women of all sizes. To ensure petite women look their best, here are some key fashion tips.

For bustier petite’s, balance is key – If you are a bustier petite, remember to celebrate your shape. Look at empire waist skirts that show off your waist beneath your bust line.

Smaller frames – Smaller framed petites should look at kids sizes as most kids’ designs are similar to adult clothing. Take a measuring tape with you and measure your items to get a general idea of the brands sizing for kids. You could also look at items that are worn short on larger frames, but will work as a normal outfit for a petite, like a cropped top for example.

Shoes – Petites will also struggle to find smaller sizes. Look at kids shoes and shop at sales to get a hold of small sizes from older seasons.

Use layers to fake a perfect fit – If you find that an item is too big in a certain area, look at wearing layers to hide the fit.

Get familiar with easy at-home alterations – You can alter your clothes by learning a few simple sewing skills on YouTube. Small changes in the sleeves, neckline, and hem can make a big difference.