Vintage Makeup Secrets

Vintage Makeup Secrets

There was a time in generations previous that makeup was one of the few ways that women of any socio-economic level could play dress up and get away from it all with a fresh coat of lipstick, mascara, and just the right accessories. Well, the classic looks never completely go away and the women that long for those days again now have reason to celebrate with the emergence of vintage makeup now featured in advertising campaigns and concrete jungles worldwide.

Dripping in Rouge

During the era of epic movie screen sirens, heavy rouge was to go-to look for actress like Joan Bennett and Jean Harlow, who preferred to lay it on thick on her cheeks for a dramatic effect that lit up a room. For a formal evening out on the town, going heavy on the rouge is a bold choice that stops everyone in their tracks.

Pencil Eyebrows

Not just the penciled eyebrows of before that were barely noticeable, but fuller and broader than every before to make those eyes truly come alive and stand out! TO get the perfect arch, follow the length of the brow until the end.

Matte Magic

For a gleamed matte appearance that would rival none other than Hollywood legend Katharine Hepburn, apply packing powder liberally across the face to make it glow. Before trying this look, be sure to exfoliate and moisturize thoroughly to achieve a finished look that is beyond flawless.

White Liner

If you are of the opinion that your eyes are not capable of mesmerizing the masses further, think again! White liner applied around the eyes will make them stand out and take you one step closer to the classic look that Lauren Bacall perfected in the glamour years of Technicolor Hollywood.

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