Make your skin naturally glow

Make your skin naturally glow

Beautiful skin is an asset. Although factors like age, illness and unhealthy habits can increase the chances of wrinkles, spots, acne, and blackheads. However, by changing a few of our practices, we can drastically improve our skin’s texture and appearance. Here are a few tips on how to make your skin naturally glow.

Opt for shorter, cold showers – Long hot showers can strip moisture and wash away natural protective oils from our skin. Look at limiting your showers to 10 minutes and opt for cold water instead of hot.

Check the dryness of your skin – Scratch any part of your skin with your fingernail and if it leaves a white mark, it means that your skin needs moisture and exfoliation.

Treat your neck and chest like your face – Your neck and chest area is also sensitive and is exposed to harmful rays, pollutants, and makeup. Look at using your facial cleansers and creams on your neck and chest as well as your face.

Run a humidifier every night in winter – Moisture in the air is low in winter, which can result in itchy, dry skin when you wake up. Invest in a good quality humidifier and use it throughout the night in the winter months.

Take 160 milligrams of soy isoflavones per day – Soy protein can help build collagen and improve connective tissues, which can result in brighter skin that is more elastic. Consider taking a soy isoflavones supplement or pour soy milk over your cereal.