New Year’s beauty resolutions

New Year’s beauty resolutions

New year resolutions are made every year and then often forgotten after January. However here are some New Year beauty resolutions that are well worth your effort and will see you with glowing skin and hair in a matter of weeks.

Clean your makeup brushes – Makeup brushes are full of dead skin cells and dirt and should be washed at least every month to avoid spreading bacteria and causing skin problems.

Try something new – Consider trying a new makeup trend every week, to give you a chance to explore and try new treads. Look at trying a metallic lip, daring new hairstyle, or contour your nails.

Take care of your lips – Lips have no sebaceous glands or sweat glands and therefore are very thin. Since the skin on your lips is thin, it is very vulnerable to changes in temperature. Look at protecting and nourishing your lips with a good quality moisturizer.

Avoid using your face cream as eye care – Face moisturizer can often be too rich and thick to use around your eyes. Instead look at investing in a good quality eye cream that will take care of bags under your eyes and reduce wrinkles.

Pamper your feet – Your feet can be abused by your shoes and will need some care at night. Look at applying a rich night cream especially formulated for your feet.

SPF is a must – Sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful rays and help your skin fight premature aging, skin cancer, etc.