6 tricks to make your hair look thicker

cathyscosmetics july 2016Everyone yearns for thicker tresses, but if you are not blessed with thick hair, here are 6 tricks to make your hair look thicker.

Start in the shower – Start by cleaning and conditioning with body boosting formulas. Choose a volumizing shampoo and conditioner that is made with elastin protein and green tea extract. This combination increases the actual thickness of your hair by 15%.

Apply dry shampoo – To make the most of dry shampoo, apply it straight after the shower and cover each strand from roots to end. After you spritz, use a comb or your finger tips to comb the dry shampoo through. The dry shampoo will absorb excess oil and create fullness and bounce.

Mousse – Apply mousse before your blowout and it will help to retain volume and enhance control.

Rollers – To enhance the illusion of fullness, add 3 rollers to the top of your hair, going backwards. By leaving them in for 10 minutes, your hair will have more fullness and bounce on the top.

Your roots – Start with your roots when working a blowout and opt for a brushless blowout that uses your finger tips instead. When using the brush, choose to create style for the ends and edges, while avoiding the roots.

Fill in the gaps – Hairlines can sometimes be patchy on thinner hair. To avoid this, use a brow kit to colour in sections of your scalp to make your hair seem thicker.

5 Habits that make your under eye dark cycles worse

cathyscosmetics june 2016Under eye dark cycles are unattractive. Apart from the fact that they are aging, they can be difficult to hide under makeup. Although dark cycles are often hereditary, they can also be caused due to bad lifestyle habits. Here are 5 habits that make your under eye dark cycles worse.

Skipping sunscreen. – Those thin upper and lower lids are especially prone to sun-induced hyperpigmentation. They’re also sensitive to many sunscreens. It is best to choose non drippy formulas that will not drip into your eyes and use a sunscreen specifically designed for you face around your eyes.

Over doing the prescription retinoids – Using too many retinoids can leave you with red, flaky rings around your eyes. After time, these rings can turn a brownish-grey that can take time to wear off.

Using cheap makeup remover – Using a makeup remover that forces you to rub your eye liner will cause inflammation and capillary damage. It is best to use oil based removers that cleanse the skin and melt eye makeup.

Washing your face with hot water – If you wash your face with hot water, it can worsen puffiness and accentuate dark circles. Instead use cold or lukewarm water.

Using poor quality makeup – If you use poor quality makeup and concealer to cover your dark cycles, you can be causing more damage and worsening your condition. Instead opt for paraben free products that have less chemicals.

5 things your dentist wished you knew

cathyscosmetics may 2016If you making sure your teeth are in good condition between visits to the dentist or you are reeling from your last visit to the dentist, remembering to keep your teeth healthy is a good habit. Here are 5 things your dentist wished you knew.

Sodas are bad for your teeth – Your daily coffee and evening glass of wine can stain your teeth, but your daily diet coke is not doing you any favours either. Soda waters affects your teeth’s enamel. Which will weaken your teeth, causing pain when you consume hot or cold beverages/ foods. Instead choose to drink your sodas with a straw and consider it a rare treat.

Gum disease can happen to anyone – If you brush regularly, but omit the flossing, you are a good candidate for gum disease. The telltale signs of gum disease include, gum sensitivity, bleeding and redness. Brush at least 3 times a day, floss regularly and use a mouthwash to keep your gums healthy.

You can’t recreate someone else’s smile – Dentists cannot create another person’s smile, since they work towards creating the best smile for you.

You can remove your wisdom teeth at any age – Since wisdom teeth can be painful or cause food to get stuck at the back of your month, some people may consider removing them. Although you may be an adult, your wisdom teeth can be removed, before your condition worsens.

You shouldn’t stress about teeth that overlap – If you’re overlap or overbite is not noticeable and it doesn’t make you feel self conscious, there is no need to remove them. Just make sure you keep them clean to prevent cavities.

4 plant based remedies that are good for your skin

cathycosmeticsGood skin products are hard to find, since most of them are full of chemicals that can be harmful for your skin. Instead of investing in expensive paraben free, chemical free beauty products, here are some inexpensive plant based products that a good for your skin.

Avocado – Avocado is a superfood and is packed with oils that will nourish and strengthen even the most driest of skins. To use avocado on your face, scoop half a ripe avocado into a bowl and mash it. You can then smear it on your face, like a mask. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Coconut – When selecting coconut oil for your body, choose the extra virgin kind. It can be used as a natural moisturizer, from head to toe.

Raw honey – Raw honey has antibacterial properties and is packed with skin-saving antioxidants. To use it as a face mask or as treatment for acne, just apply it directly to your skin and leave on for 15 minutes.

Lemon juice – Lemon juice is great to reduce the appearance of scars, age spots and certain skin discolourations. To get the best results, apply diluted lemon juice on the affected areas and leave on skin overnight.

Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is recommended for skin discolorations, since it balances the PH levels in your skin. To apply it on your skin, just dilute one part vinegar with two parts water.

Explore the Soothing Nature of a Sensual Massage

Written by: Garden Retreat Spa

Treating yourself to a traditional Swedish massage is one of the most therapeutic ways to spoil yourself. Not only does this positively benefit you health-wise, but studies have also shown that there is a substantial decrease in stress levels. There are alternatives to these massages that have become popular through the country, especially in the bustling city of New York.

What is a Sensual Massage?

A sensual massage is a heightened therapeutic alternative to a traditional massage. This experience comes with a massage therapist giving the recipient sensual touches along their body to stimulate a relaxed feeling without the pressure-filled pushes that are normally offered at a standard parlor. The goal is to transfix your body and keep you in an entranced state all the way to the end of the session.

Why a Sensual Massage?

By choosing a sensual massage over a traditional massage, you’ll typically be in a dim-lit room that’s scented with a fragrance of the parlor’s choice. Soothing music will echo throughout the tranquil space as your masseuse starts out working all of the kinks out of your back. It’s an experience that will calm your nerves, soothe your body, and ultimately relieve the plaguing stress that affects everyone. If you’re looking for a sensual massage in New York, you’re in luck. There are parlors opening up all over the state, each promising a unique experience different from their competition.

Use of ASMR

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a difficult thing to put into perspective. It’s a bit like a tingle in your brain that turns into a pleasurable headache that travels all the way down your spine. ASMR has been growing in popularity due to its sheer mellow nature and extremely satisfying results. Anything from lips smacking to light touches can be considered a form of ASMR and many of these techniques are being implemented into your average sensual massage in NYC.

These massages are significantly different from your average 30 to an hour sessions that consist of someone just pushing down on your back and body. It’s a pleasurable and unique experience that showcases the art of sensuality used for therapy. It’s a new way for you to see, and feel, how massages can be brought into an entirely new light. If you haven’t had the chance to experience a sensual massage or even a table shower massage in NYC, be sure to experience it and uncover why people are raving about this new technique.

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