6 tricks to make your hair look thicker

cathyscosmetics july 2016Everyone yearns for thicker tresses, but if you are not blessed with thick hair, here are 6 tricks to make your hair look thicker.

Start in the shower – Start by cleaning and conditioning with body boosting formulas. Choose a volumizing shampoo and conditioner that is made with elastin protein and green tea extract. This combination increases the actual thickness of your hair by 15%.

Apply dry shampoo – To make the most of dry shampoo, apply it straight after the shower and cover each strand from roots to end. After you spritz, use a comb or your finger tips to comb the dry shampoo through. The dry shampoo will absorb excess oil and create fullness and bounce.

Mousse – Apply mousse before your blowout and it will help to retain volume and enhance control.

Rollers – To enhance the illusion of fullness, add 3 rollers to the top of your hair, going backwards. By leaving them in for 10 minutes, your hair will have more fullness and bounce on the top.

Your roots – Start with your roots when working a blowout and opt for a brushless blowout that uses your finger tips instead. When using the brush, choose to create style for the ends and edges, while avoiding the roots.

Fill in the gaps – Hairlines can sometimes be patchy on thinner hair. To avoid this, use a brow kit to colour in sections of your scalp to make your hair seem thicker.