5 Habits that make your under eye dark cycles worse

cathyscosmetics june 2016Under eye dark cycles are unattractive. Apart from the fact that they are aging, they can be difficult to hide under makeup. Although dark cycles are often hereditary, they can also be caused due to bad lifestyle habits. Here are 5 habits that make your under eye dark cycles worse.

Skipping sunscreen. – Those thin upper and lower lids are especially prone to sun-induced hyperpigmentation. They’re also sensitive to many sunscreens. It is best to choose non drippy formulas that will not drip into your eyes and use a sunscreen specifically designed for you face around your eyes.

Over doing the prescription retinoids – Using too many retinoids can leave you with red, flaky rings around your eyes. After time, these rings can turn a brownish-grey that can take time to wear off.

Using cheap makeup remover – Using a makeup remover that forces you to rub your eye liner will cause inflammation and capillary damage. It is best to use oil based removers that cleanse the skin and melt eye makeup.

Washing your face with hot water – If you wash your face with hot water, it can worsen puffiness and accentuate dark circles. Instead use cold or lukewarm water.

Using poor quality makeup – If you use poor quality makeup and concealer to cover your dark cycles, you can be causing more damage and worsening your condition. Instead opt for paraben free products that have less chemicals.