Makeup Application Tips: Know Your Brushes

Know Your Brushes

Makeup Application Tips: Know Your Brushes

Article Written by : Fashion Of The Celebs

Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or a student at one of the leading make up artistry schools, the brush is one of the most important tools in the makeup bag. Take a look at a few makeup brushes and you’ll notice that they come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. The following are a few makeup tips to learn the purpose of each type of brush and which ones you shouldn’t live without.

The Perfect Foundation

When it comes to applying flawless foundation, you will need the duo foundation brush. It’s a brush with the shape of a flame, one that works much better than simply using your fingers. If you can’t afford to purchase natural animal hair, go for a nylon or synthetic brush just works just as good. If you want to blend different powder, use a soft rounded brush. Finally, use a concealer brush to handle blemishes and dark circles under your eyes. The concealer brush is a long brush that features a tapered head.

Great Eyeshadow

Whether you’re creating the smokey eye look or applying light eyeshadow for daytime, it’s important to use the right brush when applying eyeshadow. In other words, ditch the tiny tool that comes with the eyeshadow. Instead, use a brush that is small and round to apply colors. The bristles are medium firmness, and can easily blend different shades


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