Three Tricks for Perfect Eyebrows

Perfect Eyebrows

Three Tricks for Perfect Eyebrows

Article Written by : PJ Golds

Even the hottest celebrities have less-than perfect eyebrows. What is their secret? Going to the right eyebrow specialist, of course! It’s important to get your eyebrows done at least every four weeks. But the biggest secret is learning how to take care of them in between your visits.  Learning how to properly brush, trim, and tweeze eyebrows will ensure that they look perfect even if you didn’t just come from the salon.

Brush your eyebrows up and down. Before you can break out the scissors or tweezers, it’s important to properly brush the eyebrow, a lesson we teach during our basic makeup classes at Cosmix Inc. Brushing the eyebrow both upward and downward helps to reveal problem areas that need to be fixed. First, brush the eyebrow upward starting at the inner brow line. Brushing your eyebrows this way helps reveal unruly hairs that are out of place. Then you will need to brush your eyebrows down, a great way to reveals any hairs that have grown too long.

Trim long hairs. In order to properly trim your eyebrows, you will need to use small scissors designed for trimming eyebrows, a spooly or flat sheers from makeup artist classes. Using the brushing technique mentioned above, brush the eyebrows upward and trim the longer hairs. Then brush the eyebrows downward and do the same thing.

Tweeze to remove unwanted hairs. Skip waxing, especially if you’re doing your own eyebrows. Tweezing allows you to remove a single hair at a time, leaving less room for error. Before tweezing your eyebrows, clean the area with 99 percent alcohol and a cotton swab. Lift the skin with your finger or thumb, and begin tweezing in this order: inner brow line, between the eyes, under the inner brow, the arch, and the outer brow.

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