5 things your dentist wished you knew

cathyscosmetics may 2016If you making sure your teeth are in good condition between visits to the dentist or you are reeling from your last visit to the dentist, remembering to keep your teeth healthy is a good habit. Here are 5 things your dentist wished you knew.

Sodas are bad for your teeth – Your daily coffee and evening glass of wine can stain your teeth, but your daily diet coke is not doing you any favours either. Soda waters affects your teeth’s enamel. Which will weaken your teeth, causing pain when you consume hot or cold beverages/ foods. Instead choose to drink your sodas with a straw and consider it a rare treat.

Gum disease can happen to anyone – If you brush regularly, but omit the flossing, you are a good candidate for gum disease. The telltale signs of gum disease include, gum sensitivity, bleeding and redness. Brush at least 3 times a day, floss regularly and use a mouthwash to keep your gums healthy.

You can’t recreate someone else’s smile – Dentists cannot create another person’s smile, since they work towards creating the best smile for you.

You can remove your wisdom teeth at any age – Since wisdom teeth can be painful or cause food to get stuck at the back of your month, some people may consider removing them. Although you may be an adult, your wisdom teeth can be removed, before your condition worsens.

You shouldn’t stress about teeth that overlap – If you’re overlap or overbite is not noticeable and it doesn’t make you feel self conscious, there is no need to remove them. Just make sure you keep them clean to prevent cavities.